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Why we do what we do:

We started out to help budding entrepreneurs through our free learning platform with the vision to support those who are just as passionate and dedicated to bringing solutions to the world. With time, we learnt that we could help save entrepreneurs save 20% of their time and money with compliance assistance. This lead to the birth of Shark Up to bring strength, power and guidance to prevent dreams from dying, to boost solutions to take their deserving form.

Our aim is to bring ease and confidence into your business building experience by taking care of your compliance, as well as legal and operational set up to make you feel at home in the welcoming ecosystem of UAE.

At Shark Up, we bring our global experience, we bring empathy in understanding and appreciating your dreams and we bring loyalty and transparency in our relationship with you. We stand by our guiding values of Integrity, Loyalty and Efficiency and we ensure that our services reflect the same.


We help all types of businesses – be it a startup on the planning stage or a corporate looking for expansion and everything in between!

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Sharkup was initially built as a free learning platform for entrepreneurs on educating about setting up companies and later the team came up with idea which could save cost and time by 20% by helping them in registering the company.

Our aim is to get you away with all the struggles in understanding the laws and finding the economical licensing jurisdictions , our experts can answer you questions over phone on the go and help you in decision making

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We have helped entrepreneurs around the globe start companies in the U.A.E with right guidance.