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    A holding company is a separate parent company created to own a controlling interest in a subsidiary company or companies. A holding company doesn’t necessarily trade itself; its main purpose is to form a corporate group.

    What is a holding company used for?

    Reduce Risk

    Asset Protection

    Tax Benefits

    Shared Cost

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Process and Documents Required
    • Submit Documents 
    • 1- Shareholder Passport scanned 
    • 2- Passport Size Photo 
    • 3- Emirates ID and Visa details ( If resident) 
    • Stage 1 – Submit required docs
    • Stage 2- Submit proof of payment
    • Stage 3- Digital Signature on applications and Submit
    • Stage 4- Receive your company documents

    All Dubai-based companies, including holdings, must comply with the regulations imposed by the Company Law. However, holding companies must ensure the following:

    • It must appoint a management board which will be in charge of creating a policy for the organisation of the subsidiary(ies)
    • The management board must also supervise the activities undertaken by its subsidiary or subsidiaries
    • The shareholders of the holding company must appoint a director in every subsidiary company
    • The holding company must ensure that the subsidiary (ies) have the necessary capital to carry out their operations
    • The holding company must impose the limits on the risk a subsidiary can take (foreign currency, market, and even industry risks)
    • The holding will make the decisions with respect to the contracts and arrangements made by the subsidiary.

    Compared to other jurisdictions, the UAE offers many advantages to foreign investors. Those who decide to set up holding companies in Dubai can have several benefits, among which:

    • Holding company is an excellent tax optimization solution, as it is not imposed with any tax in Dubai
    • Dubai holding company can also be a good asset protection solution for foreign entrepreneurs
    • Through a holding company, a local or foreign investor can benefit from enhanced privacy
    • Holding company also offers streamlined management procedures with respect to the subsidiaries.
    • From a taxation point of view, the Dubai holding company will benefit from several advantages, among which the free repatriation of profits and the lack of corporate tax.
    There are two large categories of holding companies in Dubai:the onshore holding company, the free zone holding company.In order to register an onshore holding company, a foreign investor must have a local partner who will own 51% of the company. Holding companies in Dubai free zones, however, are allowed to have 100% foreign ownership.

    There are two large categories of holding companies in Dubai:

    • Onshore holding company
    • Free zone holding company

    In order to register an onshore holding company, a foreign investor must have a local partner who will own 51% of the company. Holding companies in Dubai free zones, however, are allowed to have 100% foreign ownership.

    Taxation is perhaps the best advantage of opening a holding company in Dubai. The Government levies no corporate taxes. Also, the following types of entities can be used to set up holding companies in Dubai:

    • Limited liability companies
    • Joint stock companies
    • Partnerships
    • Free zone companies

    No, We will be providing you with a virtual office address.

    You may have an unlimited number of shareholders.

    Minimum share capital required is AED 10,000 only but you are required to submit proof of funds only if the share capital is more than AED 100,000. 

    We accept Credit Cards, Bank Transfer and Crypto payments.

    Yes, You have options to get a 3 year residency Visa as well as for your dependents. Speak to our visa experts to learn more.

    There is zero corporate tax in UAE.

    The owners (or shareholders) of a holding company, like the shareholders of any limited company, may remunerate themselves by extracting surplus cash from the holding company as dividends.

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