Dubai internet city license cost- Everything to know about

cost of license in DIC (Dubai Internet City) in free zone

It is a typical supplier of an economical medium for ICT firms looking to establish a foothold in demand. If you are thinking about setting up your business in the free zone then you should know about the Dubai internet city license cost.

DIC is a destination for a number of national and international ICT businesses, with international facilities and equipment, a business-friendly climate, a flexible legal framework, and a liberal ecosystem favorable to worldwide enterprises and startups building IT companies in the UAE.

Why Establish a Business in Dubai Internet City (DIC)?

DIC is one of three government-led programs aimed at transforming Dubai into a worldwide information and innovation powerhouse.

It is an ideal location for establishing an IT firm since it has the greatest tech start-up environment and is composed of all aspects of the ICT importance chain. The following are some of the advantages of setting a company in this Dubai free zone:

  1. For 50 years, private and corporate income taxes have been completely free.
  2. 100 percent duty-free status 100 percent foreign ownership
  3. Profits are repatriated in their entirety.
  4. A vibrant international society
  5. Possibilities for commercial engagement, networking, and expansion
  6. Infrastructure for communications based on new technologies
  7. Competitively priced digital speech and high-speed information benefits the world’s biggest retail IP telephony expansion
  8. Appropriate operational expenses
  9. Existing infrastructure, corporate conference centers, and office space configurations that are ideal for technology businesses
  10. The presence of luxury hotels and brands, 24-hour medical services and safety, and sophisticated wellness, banking, and ATM structures all contribute to the area’s appeal.

Dubai Business License in Internet City

DIC permits the establishment of any form of company in the unrestricted zone, although the following are the considerable prevalent licenses:

1. License for Software

In DIC, a software license covers any action relating to the development, installation, and modification of software products owned by the firm or some other person.

2. Telecommunications and Information Technology

This license is required for any action involving the development, installation, modification, and operation of networks, as well as the provision of applicable services for the operation of network-based services and facilities, whether for self-use or for some other person.

3. Electronic commerce

A business license is necessary for any operation involving the sale of third-party services and goods that are provided on an individual basis using electronic means such as the internet, website, or social media.

4. Information technology services

A license for IT services comprises all activities associated with the development and providing standardized, consistent IT-based services, which may include security procedures, localization, learning, and corporate learning, among other things.

5. Multimedia and the Internet

You should obtain this license prior to engaging in any activity involving the creation and distribution of online or multimedia material. Other actions may involve the distribution of products or services through the Internet, for example, by delivering an online forum and serving as a middleman between numerous businesses or people.

Dubai Internet City License Cost

Activity1st Year (in AED)2nd Year (in AED)
Registration Fees3,520No Fee
License Cost per Part15,02015,020
Additional Cost per Part10,01010,000

Opening a Business in DIC

Steps to start a business in Dubai Internet City:

  • Deliver to the Free Zone Authority a completed business license application together with an accompanying business plan, as well as passport photocopies of all stockholders, managers, and board members.
  • Review of the application and provisional approval letter, as well as a checklist of the legal documents that are required.
  • In order to get provisional approval, the applicant must sign, stamp, and send the letter to the DIC.
  • Provide all legal documentation within 15 working days after getting the Provisional Approval Letter [legal documentation differs depending on whether the applicant is a company, a foreign or UAE business branch, or an individual].
  • Following approval, DIC will review the legal papers and search for suitable office space.
  • The applicant must provide to the DIC a Customer Confirmation Letter that has been signed and stamped by the customer.
  • Once everything is completed, DIC will send you an invoice for the first payment.
  • When DIC receives the initial payment, a Personnel Sponsorship Agreement and a Lease will be issued to the applicant.
  • After the Lease and Personnel Sponsorship Agreement has been completed and stamped, the Department of Commerce will issue a trading license.
  • Following the issuance of the trade license, Dubai Internet City license cost will charge the overdue leasing fee in two installments over the next two months.


Q: Is the DIC a free zone?

A: It enables businesses to make use of alternative financial sources, collaborations, and cooperative ideas. Dubai Internet City (DIC) was constructed to help enterprises in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. It is the world’s most significant ICT infrastructure built inside a free zone.

Q: What is the procedure for obtaining a free zone license in Dubai?

A: The following are the essential stages to starting a company in a free zone.

  • Determine the legal entity’s kind.
  • Make a decision on a commercial name.
  • Make an application for a business license.
  • Select an office location.
  • Obtain pre-approvals, register your company, and obtain a license.
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