Investor Visa Dubai benefits: A Detailed informative Guide

investor visa benefits in dubai

Obtaining local nationality in Dubai is practically difficult under current UAE migration policy laws, but there is a feasible alternative: a resident visa. This visa allows you to live, work, study, conduct business, and get medical treatment in the United States. A residence visa also gives you trustworthy protection under the law; in other circumstances, a residence visa gives you everything you need to live happily in this nation. This visa is good for two or three years, depending on the category, and you may extend it nearly forever after that.

There are various options for obtaining this visa. One of these options is to invest in a local business. In this situation, you will be granted an investment visa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Read on to know the investor visa Dubai benefits and the cost of the visa.

Benefits of Investor Visa in Dubai

So, let’s have a glance at the advantages of getting an investor visa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

  • Investment visa holders benefited from a tax-free economy. The nation has basically no taxes, which applies to both visitors with visas and inhabitants. Aside from that, the UAE has signed more than 70 double-tax treaties with various countries across the globe. As a consequence, if you hold this visa, visitors are exempt from paying any taxes.
  • A tax system like that of conventional overseas hideaways such as the Arab Emirates (UAE) does not dissuade foreigners with investor visas from enjoying their best lives. A Investor visa holder will enjoy unrestricted access to all benefits of Dubai, as well as high-quality goods and services, transportation, and communication.
  • The importance of security and stability cannot be overstated. In this universe, there are no riots, revolutions, or other unfavorable occurrences. In the UAE, as is customary in the EU and the US. Aside from that, crime in Dubai and the other Emirates seems to be almost non-existent. You may go about the area at any moment of day or night. Those who have violated the law face deportation as a consequence of their suspension of visa status.
  • Foreigners with investment visas may feel secure in their legal status. Those with an investment visa in Dubai have almost the same opportunities as natives of the United Arab Emirates. If a visa holder’s rights have been violated, they may be contested in a local court.
  • As you’ll see, there are a number of strong strategies that involve qualifying for a business visa in the UAE.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for a resident visa in the United Arab Emirates

In actuality, obtaining local citizenship is very hard; nevertheless, a resident visa might be a viable option in certain situations. There are various options for obtaining a residency visa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

  • An employee’s visa to work in the country. The great majority of foreigners obtain this form of visa. Residents who have signed an employment contract with a local firm are eligible to apply for this form of visa. The validity of this visa in the United Arab Emirates is three years.
  • Visas for real estate investors are available. If you purchase a residential property in Dubai with a market worth more than AED 1 million, you will be granted a real estate investment visa. The validity of this visa in the United Arab Emirates is two years.
  • Entrepreneurs may apply for an investor visa. A residency visa – investor visa is also granted to you if you have invested your money and launched your company in one of the UAE free zones (or the mainland). (IMPORTANT! In order to receive a resident visa, you must first establish an offshore corporation. The validity length of this visa in the UAE is three years. However, in exceptional situations, you may be able to apply for a special visa that is valid for a duration of ten years instead.

By locating your business in Dubai, UAE, you will be able to get visas for yourself, your spouse, and your children. They easily get permanent residence permits. After receiving your investor visa, you may fill out the application for yourself and your family. The only additional need is to show the UAE authorities that you have a home where your family may stay while abroad. You must also provide marriage certificates for your spouse and birth certificates for your children to get visas for them. Obtaining a family investment visa in the UAE takes around a month.

After obtaining UAE investor visas and establishing a residency in Dubai, UAE, you will be allowed to enjoy all local privileges.

Cost of an Investor Visa in United Arab Emirates

What is the cost of an investor visa in the United Arab Emirates? The amount of government costs for this visa varies depending on where it is applied for. However, there is a general requirement that an applicant must hold stakes worth additionally than AED 70,000 and provide a refundable guarantee of AED 10,000 in order to get an investment visa in the UAE. This money is refunded to a foreigner once the visa is canceled. You may still apply for an investment visa if your stakes are worth slightly less than AED 70,000, but your security deposit will be AED 20,000.


Q: Is it possible for me to work in Dubai while on an investor visa?

A: This visa, also known as the Dubai partner visa, is designed for foreign people who desire to establish or invest in a company in Dubai. They may also live, work, and sponsor family members in the UAE. The visa has a three-year validity period.

Q: What is a Dubai investment visa?

A: Foreign citizens who wish to establish their own company or invest in an existing firm in Dubai may apply for the Dubai Investor Visa, also known as the Dubai Partner Visa.

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