Process to Start Business in Dubai and Licensing Requirements

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Willing to start business in Dubai? Skeptical about the types of licensing entrepreneurs and business owners need? If yes, you need to get professional assistance to get a notch on the perfect trade licensing for the successful working of your businesses. There are several steps and procedures that you need to keep in mind for this context.

UAE is seeking the eye of top investors and business owners who wish to invest and earn substantial profits in the Middle East countries. The government has also set up many rules and regulations to help business owners avail of ultimate outcomes. Understanding the market feasibility and overall process of business aids in regulating the better the work culture here.

Basic Steps to Start Business in Dubai

As compared to the mainland in UAE, commencing business in a free zone is relatively easier. It requires a minimal level of duration and paperwork. Below are the basic steps to develop your business in such zones.

Choose the type of legal entity-

If you prefer taking up the business functioning in the Free Zone structure, you might either require a Free Zone Limited Liability Company ( FZ LLC) or the Free Zone Co. Basic difference is that of the shareholders as they are legal persons in most cases. It is ideal for checking with the authorities about the type of company they prefer. You need to pay attention to the following aspects.

Type of Branches

Capital required

Select the Trade Name

After choosing the kind of legal entity, the next step is to select the trade name. Check for the permitted trade names by DED and go for the already registered ones. You can also refer to the checklist of DMCC for confirming the restricted trade names. Essential criteria for the trade name approval are no violation of public morals, previous registration, legal status compatibility, and no logo or religious name.

Business License Application

Entrepreneurs need to apply for a business license that matches their trading requirements. However, it is imperative to sneak through the technicalities of the licensing and then perform business activities for the same.

Selection of Office Space

Business owners can either lease or purchase an office space according to the overall count of employees and the kind of business activity running there.

Business registration, Pre-Approval, and Licensing

Companies set up in the UAE free zones have to derive important approvals and documents. Document list might vary of the kind of business activity you choose and the requirements of the specific authority.

List of Business Activities to Conduct in UAE

Business enthusiasts can register themselves for the range of businesses listed below:

  • Content creation and productions
  • Animation
  • Corporate film production and print material
  • Digital content creation, graphics, gaming, and illustration
  • Photography, art, music, scriptwriting, and TV production
  • Software and web design development
  • Brand agencies
  • Exhibitions and festivals
  • Media marketing communications
  • Public relations and professional association
  • Training and Rights Management

Also, check out our detailed guide on how to register a business in Dubai here!

What are the Types of Company to Start Business in Dubai?

While thinking about how to start a business in Dubai, it is important to get the hang of the basics of getting a license. Selection of legal form helps in dealing with the planning stages and even the layout of the firm. Here are the diverse business structures that you are registering for:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Civil Company
  • GCC Company
  • Foreign or Free Zone Company branch
  • Local Company Branch

Key Takeaways

Now that you know how to start business in Dubai, it is also worth looking at the duration it might take to commence business activities here. Depending on the licensing and registration requirements, you need to seek approval from the authorities for the cases here. For further instructions and business processes set up in Dubai, get in touch with the Shark up consultancy, a reliable name for those willing to develop a career in Dubai. Drop an email or contact them through the details on their website for detailed instructions.


What is the cost to start business in Dubai?

It varies as per the type of business you choose and the regulatory authorities of the region. You must also give attention to the investment size and the business functionality to make any decision.

Which Is the ideal business in Dubai for Beginners?

Entrepreneurs can begin with business activities in diverse fields such as retail, educational, hospitality, financial, and many others. You must confirm with the respective authority for permission and other requirements.

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