What’s the Process to Get a UAE Residency Visa?

What’s The Process To Get A UAE Residency Visa?

Do you wish to commence business or have a new company formation in Dubai or in the UAE? Are you zealous about developing a career in Dubai and Emirates? The visa permit marks your entry into the country as a temporary or permanent resident. People can get the visa validity for 2-3 years, or it could even last for 10 years in some cases. You can also renew it as many times as you want.

Several families spend their life in Dubai by the regular renewal of their visas. UAE allows you renewals by allowing visas for residing in their country. Sneak out on the below guide to know about the process and steps to avail the UAE Residency visa.

How to Avail the UAE Residency?

Getting the UAE Residency is no longer a big task as you can get the visa through various ways and methods. Common ways to get this visa include:

  • Setting up of business in the UAE.
  • Availing employment
  • Opting for a Freelance permit at Emirates or Dubai.
  • Enrol with any college or the university
  • A dependent child or the parent of the resident
  • Property owner with the minimum value of 1 Mln AED.

Amongst all the above, starting up with your business or setting up a new company in Dubai is the best way to fetch you an instant visa. Companies established in free zones of Dubai and UAE come under the preferable options. It includes reasonable fees, easy ownership, and a hassle-free process. For the visa application, you need to open a company under the registered authorities of the UAE. You can choose amongst the 40 of them and look out for the desirable registration body. For this, you can also seek help from the business setup consultants in Dubai.

The business owners can get a UAE Residency visa with the following steps:

  • Company Registration- It refers to getting the establishment card or the immigration document that helps make visa applications.
  • Next step is to get the permit for the resident visa at the earlier stages.
  • For making an ID application, you also need to complete the required medical tests.The Federal authority of Emirates complete the process for providing citizenship of UAE.
  • Getting the visa stamped on your passport is mandatory for everyone apart from the ones owning GCC Nationalities.
  • You can also complete the process from your home country along with the establishment card and issuing of visas. But you have to visit the UAE at least once in the past for that. Considering the Pandemic scenario, the outside visa is suspended at the moment. However, you can refer to the updated information in the same context at legit government sites.
  • Making a personal presence is vital for the medical check-up and ID application of Emirates. Then, your passport would move to the immigration office for stamping purposes, and you can’t leave the UAE till the process completes.
  • Completing the visa stamping and getting a medical certificate can take up to 5 working days.

What are Charges to Pay for UAE Residency Visa?

The UAE Resident visa charges differ depending on the overall process of business registration. The fees you need to pay are relatively low for setting up the company on the northern Emirates Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. Prices of the UAE residence visas differ due to multiple reasons.

If you want to seek the Dubai visa, it might cost higher due to the surged rates of business registration and other additional expenditure. One reason is also the obligatory health insurance that you have to complete before the visa stamping.

Benefits of UAE Residency Visa

You can utilize this visa for permanent living or even regular visits to this place. It helps the nationals who do not derive the tourist visa at their arrival. This is also advantageous for the corporate Dubai bank account opening as the resident visa holder comes under the low-risk category. Few people can also get a Golden visa or permanent residency provided they have calibre or potential to get it.

The frequent travelers or those not living in UAE can also derive the visa provided they visit every six months for the visa creation. On the failure of completion, the visa can automatically get canceled as well as you have to begin a new process from scratch. You can also check ways to relocate to Dubai with Residency with our help.

What is the Visa Renewal Process?

Renewal of UAE Residency visa is much easier than availing of the new visa. You need to complete the medical check-up and even opt for the Emirates ID renewal. For this, you have to conduct the medical screening at least 1-2 weeks before the visa expiration date. After the necessary tests, you can make an application for the Emirates ID Renewal.

Once you get the medical reports, the next step is to send them to the immigration office along with your passport and get a new visa stamped for a further period. The UAE Government also allows a 5-10 year visa depending on your overall investment in UAE. For this, you need to invest five mln AED or 10 Mln AED in any business, real estate, or investment funds.

Where Can You Live After Getting UAE Residency Visa?

Irrespective of the authority issuing a visa for you, it is viable to retain the Dubai Permanent Residency for living in any preferred Emirates. Any visa from Dubai or other emirates ensures your eligibility for getting the UAE Permanent Residency. There is also an alternative to rent an apartment and live with your family.

Getting the Dubai residency is quite expensive, but then you get exposure to the biggest amusement parks, malls, and fancy restaurants situated over there. Overall, the infrastructure here is much advanced, and you have a wide range of options for hospitals and clinics, grocery stores, colleges, and schools.

In 2019, the UAE government also came up with long-term visas for the people who desire to get foreign ownership in their company. It helps the Mainland owners to acquire investments, and they allow up to 49% stakes in their companies to the foreign investors. The primary eligibility category for getting the visas here stretches for 5-10 years, depending on various options.

It is known as the ‘Golden Visa’ and gives you a 10-year residency permit in the country. You have to meet any two categories, like an investor willing to invest a minimum of 10 million AED for at least three years. Besides, people having unique talents can also qualify for the Golden Visa by getting a stamp from the Ministry of Economy. It’s a recognition by the government to the doctors, scientists, art enthusiasts, and other people from top research institutions.

5-Year UAE Residency Visa is available for the:

  • Property investors- People holding the property having a value of more than 5 Million AED for a minimum of 3 years. However, there should be no loan for the purchase of the property.
  • Entrepreneurs- It refers to the people having an existing capital venture of a minimum of 500,000 AED. The long-term visa applies to entrepreneurs such as three executives, partners, spouses, or children. Several entrepreneurs can also make a six-month application with multiple-entry visas subject to renewal after every six months.
  • Student Visa- Aspirants showing exemplary performance in their secondary or university levels with a minimum average of 95% can get this visa. It also qualifies their family members for the same.

Apart from these, recently the UAE Government came up with the program of ‘Green Visa’ under which applicants do not need any sponsorship from the employers. It aims at attracting investors and potentially skilled workers as well as talented graduates or students. Green Visa holders can also extend sponsorship to get permits for their parents or the children above the age of 25 years.

“Green Visas” will allow expatriates to apply for work without being sponsored by an employer, targeting investors and highly skilled workers as well as top students and graduates. Green visa holders will be able to sponsor their parents and children up to the age of 25 on their permits

Final Review

Getting the UAE Residency visa on a temporary or permanent basis is an excellent way to get an opportunity to show up talent in this country. With the right motive and following essential steps, you can secure a visa and quality for being a part of Emirates.

Dubai and UAE have a bundle of prospects and opportunities dedicated to the people who are willing to show up new paths of growth and develop a bright future. Adhere to the stringent government guidelines failing which you have to face denial of the application. With these critical measures, you can soon term yourself as a proud citizen of the UAE!

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