How To Start Cleaning Company In Dubai

how to start cleaning company in Dubai

Dubai is the global hub of trade and commerce and if you’re looking to start a business in the United Arab Emirates, then Dubai is a great place to start from.

While a cleaning service business doesn’t sound all that glamorous, you’d be surprised to know how huge a cleaning service is in Dubai. The service is in high demand with minimal up-front charges and little to no operating costs. The best part about starting a business in Dubai is the tax-free regime of the Emirate.

So not only will the start-up phase cost you lesser than usual, you can immediately get into operating mode after your launch.

Types of Cleaning Services Offered in Dubai

Before you start your business, you need to first decide the type of cleaning service that you’ll be providing and acquire a cleaning company license for the same. Dubai typically offers the following three types of cleaning services:-

  1. Residential License and Services
    If you’re going to be servicing bungalows, apartments, villas, and other residential places, then you should get a residential license for your company. Your job will entail cleaning up and management of the bedrooms, kitchens, storage rooms, bathrooms, and other places within the residential area.
  2. Commercial License
    These services cater to commercial places such as hospitals, offices, retail stores, etc. These spaces require the management of some heavy-duty equipment and advanced cleaning supplies as compared to residential -cleaning.
  3. Industrial License
    As an industrial cleaning service, you will be offering clean-up and maintenance services to industrial buildings, warehouses, and factories. These establishments can have certain specific requirements such as waste and rubbish management and disposal. As a large-scale service, it will also require special equipment, machinery, supplies, chemicals, and other necessary solvents.

Whether you’re aiming to form a company in the mainland or the free zone, the process for business license application is the same for all and you are only required to submit the following:-

  • A completed and well-detailed application form
  • Passport copy of the prospective owner or owners
  • Colour passport size photos, two each.

Where should you start your business?

If you’ve decided on the type of cleaning service you will be offering, it’s time to choose a place to set your business up at.

You can choose the mainland route and trade directly with the local market without the help of any third-party agents or middlemen and also set your business up anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

On the other hand, you can go for free zone company formation which is the most cost-efficient approach for a budding business.

Whichever place you decide on, it is advised that you start your business with the assistance of a company set up expert or business consultant. Also check out our blog on how to start document clearing services company in Dubai with detailed steps here!

Registering and Starting your Cleaning Service Company

You need to establish your company within the government by drawing up the necessary company formation documents. If you’re a single owner, then the documents will be better known as the Memorandum of Association. But if you’re a partnership or a group of owners, then it will be called Articles of Association.

These documents outline the necessary details that concern the company such as:-

  • The company name
  • Who the owners are
  • The reason why the company is being set up, etc.

You can hire a business consultant to do the heavy work for you and even get your document approved by a Notary Public so that it is considered valid within the United Arab Emirates.

  • Submitting the Passport and Visa

Both you and your employees will require a Visa to work overseas. With the right and proper guidance, the Visa application and submission is a fairly straightforward process. And many company formation agencies can help you with acquiring the necessary Visa as well as License for your business.

  • Getting your Trade Name Approved

It is important to abide by the strict naming conventions that have been set out. Under which names that can connote blasphemy or religious meaning are not permitted. Nor can you use terms like ‘international’ or ‘global’ at the start of the company name.

With the necessary precautions in mind, you are now required to submit 3 trade name options. One of which will be approved by the UAE government and you can proceed to use it for your business.

  • Initial Approval Certificate

It is very much required of you to apply for an Initial Approval Certificate if you’re starting your business in Dubai. This certification will mean that the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) has no problems or objections with your business start-up.

  • Renting the Appropriate Location

When you’ve decided on a business location to set up your company, you must enter a tenancy agreement with the owner of the premises or location.

This Tenancy Agreement needs to be properly registered so that it becomes the legally binding Tenancy Contract or Ejari between you and the landowner in Dubai.

Keep your Tenancy Contract or unique Ejari numbers safe for any future references.

  • Cover and Complete the Necessary Documentations and Acquire the license

If you’re done with all the steps given above, then you need to gather all the necessary documents and required approvals for your business from Dubai Municipality and the Department of Economic Development.

If everything is in order, then you will be required to pay a fee after which the company registration and professional license for business will be granted within a few business days. Also check out our detailed blog on how to start forex trading company in Dubai here!


Setting and starting cleaning service company venture in Dubai can be a simple yet, profitable decision. The only real challenges are the initial registration process along with the setup. But with the appropriate guidance and reliable business consultant, you can glide through the process easily.

Just make sure to do your end of the research about the market scenario, your budgets, and cost limitations, and also make sure to check the credibility of the business consultant and advisor that you will be employing the help and guidance of.


How can I start a cleaning service company in Dubai?

Business owners need to start by getting the necessary documentation such as trade name approval, passports and visa, and tenancy agreement in order. They can also draft and sign an MOA if necessary and they will also have to be approved by the DED.

How much does it cost to set up a cleaning company in Dubai?

Setting up a cleaning service company in Dubai, including the prices for trade name approval, initial approval certification, Memorandum of Association, etc will cost you around 13,999 AED.

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